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since 2016.

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RHINO CONNECT is a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) registered in 2016, pro actively involved in various projects with real time conservation programs, and who are mainly in possession of white and black rhino populations on their conservancies, farms, protection zones and orphanages

Our key focus is connecting individuals across the world, with the people who work honestly and tirelessly against the war on our wildlife. We do this through our Connect Creations Projects and by being actively involved in the day to day care of orphans, injured rhino, patrolling of fences and assisting wildlife caretakers in their needs while fostering a culture of awareness, compassion and consciousness among all we encounter.

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Our Team

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Tersia Jooste

Founder and Group Chairperson

Jana Jooste

Director: Hospitality and Social Media

Fritz Wasserfall

Director: Finance

Yolanda Henegan

Director: Operations

Anneline Louw

Director: Community Service and Wildlife Education

Melanie Wasserfall

Director: Donor Engagement

Adele Smith

Director: Marketing & Tourism

How it all started

Our Humble Beginning

  • Feb 2016 - Aug 2016

    The Renostermaan was born

    After hearing about the heartbreaking plight of a private Rhino owner , when her Rhino was shot in a poaching attempt, we decided to get involved and get the South African public to assist by becoming involved and educating themselves. We contacted an independent radio station- Pretoria FM – who supported us for almost 2 years in our plight to have the private Rhino’s story told. Our very first Renostermaan was held in August 2016 in collaboration with Limpopo Rhino Conservation.

  • Aug 2016

    Saving Rhino Orphans

    Meet Sheba - our first little Rhino calf who needed urgent assistance . She was taken in at the Rhino Pride Foundation during May 2016 and soon we realized how important funding for their milk and veterinary care was. Sheba is our very first supported orphan.

  • 2017

    Taking hands with likeminded people

    We started working and supporting other Non - Profit organisations and persons whose mission was in line with ours – ensuring that the care of Rhino was set above human greed. Great partnerships have been formed and many , many Renostermaners followed (and are still following)

  • 2018

    Pay-it-forward in support of Rhino's

    Renostermaan was now established and we started assisting private Rhino owners in 4 different Provinces - all together almost 2600 Rhino's. Educating the public was paramount and Schools and Universities asked to assist them with talks and programs , which lead to the start of the Pay - it - Forward Rhino Bracelet Project . In June 2018 , we found little Mickey – a little black Rhino orphaned calf - who became the Mascot for our Rhino Milk Fund and naturally, stole every one’s heart and became a little hero!

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