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About Connect Creations


Connecting Creations is a series of ongoing non-profit programmes focussed on the conservation of the rhino population within South-Africa and beyond our borders.



Amongst other research projects, we have a Joint Venture with Singatha Conservation Research Fund. The Key Focus Areas are, promoting and supporting tersiary conservation research and serving to connect researchers, landowners and comunities. Providing role players in the industry with sound reserch, in order to develop adaptive management plans – providing funding, research sites, as well as logistical and technical support, shaping the sustainable future of developing rural communities through research. Other Research Programmes include, Rhino and Leopard camera traps, equipment, SD cards, Satellite Collars, Batteries and Hard Drives.

Management Logistics


Horn Trimmings

Medical Drugs

Air Support


Re-location of animals


DNA Certificates


Our Projects

Milk & Orphanage Support

  • A Milk Fund
  • Payment and monthly care fees
  • Assisting with special needs orphans

Our Projects

Supplement Feed

Because of food scarcity in severly drought-stricken areas, we assist with providing and delivery of feed, ranging from lucern, wildlife pellets, and teff bales.

Our Projects

Veterinary Assistance


  • Emergencies
  • Horn-Trimmings
  • Re-locations
  • Vet Student Field Assistance

Our Projects

School Projects

Bracelet making, Sand-art and Enviro-projects for pre-school to high school students.

Our Projects

Air Support

We assist with anti-paching flights and medical procedures, we have also been very fortunate to work with :

  • Hope for Wildlife NPO
  • Wild Skies Aviation
  • Flying for Rhino Conservation Trust

Our Projects

Community Service Hours

This project is aimed at Community Service hours for High School students in their Life Orientation subject.

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