Connecting creation through preventative conservation.

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The Rhino Connect NPO focusses on the protection and conservation of rhinos within the private sector in South Africa. The organization has over the years forged close relationships with privately owned wildlife conservations, protecting a wide variety of animals, the majority of them listed as endangered or vulnerable. One of our main and most successful focus areas is involving members of the public in rhino conservation efforts.


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South Africa is custodian of approximately 19,000 white rhinos, with approximately 20% of this number in private ownership. There is a huge decline in rhino figures since 2008, with state owned and national parks losing the most rhino per annum, mostly due to poaching, compared to privately owned rhino. The private sector invests enormous amounts in the protection and breeding of rhino, which at the end will proof to save the species for generations to come. The cost of protecting small populations of rhinos is colossal and in some cases, can discourage landowners from having rhinos on their land.

While the South African government is pro-active in the fight against rhino poaching, their efforts are focused on the Kruger National Park where severe poaching is taking place. As a result, government is not in a position to assist private rhino owners in anti-poaching efforts. These rhino owners are spending more than R100 000 ($US 10 000) per month per farm/property on security measures.

Rhino Connect also support private rhino owners through volunteer programmes whereby the public plays an active role in the protection of rhino, especially during the full moon periods when poachers are most active.